Signs Your Boiler Needs Servicing

Boilers are a vital component of every house, and ensuring they are always in excellent working order is critical. When you have a properly maintained boiler, you will always have access to hot water and heating when required. On the other hand, boilers are susceptible to developing difficulties with time, and it is essential to be aware of when your boiler needs servicing. In this post, our heating engineers have identified five indicators that your boiler needs to be serviced by a professional.

Signs you need boiler service Fife

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Signs Which Indicate Your Boiler Needs Servicing

Strange noises

Strange noises coming from your boiler could indicate that it needs to be serviced, so keep an ear out for them. Sounds like whistling, slamming, or gurgling are typically a sign that there is something wrong with your boiler. There could be a buildup of limescale, a problem with the pump, or an issue with the thermostat causing this situation. In any event, the best way to determine whether or not your boiler is operating effectively is to have it inspected by a trained heating engineer.

Water leaks

Water leaks are a serious issue and should be addressed immediately. If you notice water leaking from your boiler, it could be due to a damaged valve, pipe or seal. A boiler service can identify the source of the leak and repair it before it causes further damage. Ignoring a water leak can lead to water damage and can be dangerous if water comes into contact with electrical components.

Low pressure

Boilers operate at a certain pressure, and if the pressure drops, it can cause problems with the boiler's operation. Low pressure is a common issue and can be caused by a variety of factors, such as a leak in the system or a faulty pressure valve. A boiler service in Fife can identify the cause of the low pressure and rectify the issue to ensure that your boiler is operating at the correct pressure.

Increased energy bills

If you notice a sudden increase in your energy bills, it could be a sign that your boiler is not functioning correctly. An inefficient boiler can lead to increased energy consumption and higher bills. A boiler service in Fife can identify any issues with your boiler's efficiency and make the necessary repairs to improve its performance.

Pilot light issues

If your boiler has a pilot light, it should always be burning. If you notice that the pilot light keeps going out, it could be due to a faulty thermocouple or a draught in the room. A boiler service in Fife can determine the cause of the pilot light issue and rectify it to ensure that your boiler is functioning correctly.

Corrosion or rust

Your boiler needs maintenance if it has rust or corrosion. The boiler's metal parts may corrode over time as a result of exposure to water and other environmental elements. The boiler's structure is weakened by rust and corrosion, which increases the likelihood of leaks and malfunctions. In order to stop additional damage, a thorough boiler service in Fife will check the internal and external components for any symptoms of rust or corrosion and take corrective action as needed.

Inconsistent warmth

There may be a problem with your boiler if there's not enough heat in some parts of your house. Problems like a malfunctioning pump, airlocks in the system, or silt accumulation in the radiator can cause uneven heating. To guarantee consistent warmth throughout your property, a qualified heating engineer in West Lothian, Fife, Edinburgh, and the surrounding areas can identify the issue during a boiler service and take care of the underlying problems.

Boiler Age

Boilers have a lifespan of around 15-20 years. If your boiler is approaching or exceeding this age range, it's wise to schedule regular servicing to ensure it continues to operate safely and efficiently.

Low Water Pressure

Boilers require adequate water pressure to function correctly. If you notice a significant drop in water pressure, it could be due to a leak in the system or a faulty pressure valve. Low water pressure can result in reduced heating performance.

Boiler Cycling On and Off Frequently

A boiler that cycles on and off frequently, known as "short cycling," is not operating efficiently. This can be caused by a range of issues, including a malfunctioning thermostat or a build-up of deposits in the system.

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Regular boiler servicing is essential for maintaining a safe and efficient heating system. If you notice any of the above signs, it's important to have your boiler checked by a qualified engineer. Owen Gibb & Sons provides reliable and professional boiler service in Fife, Edinburgh. Don't hesitate to give us a call on 0131 441 7999 or send us an email to