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If you're a homeowner in Edinburgh, the Lothians, Fife & the surrounding areas, you'll know that there's nothing more important than keeping your family warm and comfortable during the winter months. That's why it's important to ensure that your central heating is in good working order, and if it isn't, to get it fixed as soon as possible. 

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Heating Installation

Our Central Heating Installation Services are available across Edinburgh.

Edinburgh's winters can be bitterly cold, so it's important to make sure your home is warm and cosy. Our central heating installation services are available across Edinburgh, the Lothians, Fife and the surrounding areas so we can help you stay comfortable all winter long. 

We're experienced in installing all types of central heating systems, so we can find the perfect solution for your home. We'll also take care of all the necessary paperwork, so you don't have to worry about a thing. 

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Different Types of Central Heating Systems

Throughout the UK, there are three different types of central heating systems available:

 Wet Systems

A wet central heating system is a closed-loop system where water is heated by a boiler and circulated around the building via underfloor or radiators. The wet central heating system is the most common type of central heating system in the UK. 

The main advantage of a wet central heating system is that it's more efficient than an open vented system as all the heat generated is used to heat the water, rather than being lost up the chimney.

 Electric Systems

Electric heat is generated by resistance coils or radiant elements, and then distributed throughout the home via a system of ducts or baseboard heaters.

One of the main benefits of an electric central heating system is that it can be easily controlled, with most units featuring a simple thermostat that can be adjusted to maintain a comfortable temperature. 

Additionally, electric heat is clean and safe, making it an ideal choice for homes with young children or pets.

 Warm Air Systems

A warm air central heating system circulates warm air through a system of ducts and vents in your home. The air is heated by a furnace, and the temperature of the air is controlled by a thermostat. Central heating systems are efficient and can help to keep your home comfortable during the colder months.

One advantage of a warm air central heating system is that it can be used in conjunction with other heating methods, such as radiant floor heating.

Another advantage is that the air circulated through the system is clean and free of allergens and dust particles.

Unsure of which would best suit your home? Give us a call today on 0131 441 7999, our heating experts are always happy to offer their advice for your home.

Signs That Your Central Heating Needs To Be Fixed

Cold radiators

Your radiators might not be circulating hot water efficiently if they have cold spots or are cool at the top. This could be caused by sludge or air pockets. Your radiators can be fully functional again by addressing these problems with power cleansing or radiator bleeding.


Unusual noises coming from your central heating system, such as gurgling, clanking, or pounding, are warning signs of a problem. Sludge accumulation, malfunctioning parts, or trapped air in the system could all be the cause of these noises. Finding and fixing the source of these noises can save additional damage and increase your heating system's effectiveness.

Fluctuating boiler pressure

Boiler pressure must be at its ideal level for central heating systems to function well. A leak, a malfunctioning pressure relief valve, or other problems could be the cause of a pressure drop that is detected by the boiler's pressure gauge, or if the pressure is constantly too high. Sustaining the appropriate pressure is essential to your heating system's correct operation.

Higher than usual energy bills 

Your central heating system's inefficiency may be the cause of an unexpected and abrupt increase in your energy costs. Your system may require more effort to maintain the correct temperature when parts deteriorate or lose efficiency over time, resulting in higher energy usage. 

Your energy expenditures can be controlled with the help of timely repairs and routine maintenance. We offer boiler servicing in Fife, The Lothians, and Edinburgh which could help to keep your boiler ticking over smoothly and keep your energy bills low. 

The system is old

Central heating systems have a limited lifespan, just like any other appliance. Your system may be more prone to problems and inefficiencies regularly if it is getting close to or past its anticipated lifespan. Upgrading to a contemporary, energy-efficient system can increase efficiency and save long-term costs in addition to enhancing reliability.

Pilot light issues

Your boiler's pilot light ought to have a consistent blue flame. If it is orange, flickering, or always going out, there may be an issue. Problems with the pilot light could be caused by an inadequate gas supply, a build-up of debris, or a malfunctioning thermocouple. It's critical to give pilot light problems immediate attention if you want to keep your central heating system safe and effective.

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