The impact of water quality on boiler performance

Although homeowners frequently concentrate on the upkeep and efficiency of their boilers, they sometimes forget about the importance of water quality, which has a big impact on performance. At Owen Gibb & Sons Ltd, we are aware of how crucial this sometimes disregarded factor is to maintain the efficiency and lifespan of boiler systems.

Water's Role in Boilers

One of the main ingredients in boiler heating is water. As it moves through the system, heat is transferred, keeping our houses warm. However, the boiler's smooth operation is heavily dependent on the quality of this water.

impact of water on boiler quality

Consequences of Low Water Quality

Scale Buildup 

Scale buildup inside the boiler is one of the main issues related to low water quality. This happens when minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, separate from the water and stick to the boiler's inside surfaces. As a result, an insulating layer of scale forms, which restricts heat flow and makes the boiler work harder, lowering efficiency.


The presence of pollutants in the water also fosters the growth of another enemy: corrosion. The boiler's interior components may deteriorate as a result, impacting the system's structural integrity as well as performance. This quiet yet deadly power can be avoided with routine observation and water purification.

Microbial Growth 

In addition to the presence of minerals, problems with the quality of the water can also cause bacteria and algae to grow inside the boiler. Sludge and biofilms produced by this microbial growth can have a detrimental effect on heat transfer and system efficiency as a whole.

Boiler servicing in Fife, Edinburgh, and the Lothians 

During a boiler service in Edinburgh, The Lothians, Fife, and the surrounding areas, we carry out careful examinations of water quality. We guarantee the safe, effective, and efficient operation of our customers' boilers by resolving possible problems before they become more serious.

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