The Importance of Gas Safety

We at Owen Gibb & Sons are aware of how crucial gas safety is in Edinburgh homes. As seasoned Gas Engineers in Edinburgh, we have witnessed the disastrous effects of improperly maintained gas appliances and the significance of routine gas safety checks. We will go over the importance of gas safety in this blog as well as how our services can keep your family safe.

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Why is Gas Safety Important?


Gas is a highly combustible chemical and should always be handled carefully. Gas leaks, fires, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisoning can all be brought on by faulty gas equipment. Carbon monoxide, a colourless, odourless gas that can result in serious sickness or death, is known as the "silent killer." Consistent gas safety inspections can save lives and avoid accidents.

The Benefits of Regular Gas Safety Checks

The safety of your house and family depends on performing regular gas safety checks. Regular gas safety inspections can also help you save money over time by reducing the need for expensive repairs and enhancing the performance of your gas appliances.

Prevent Gas Leaks and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks are both major health risks that can cause harm or even death. A licenced Gas Engineer in Edinburgh can detect potential gas leaks or carbon monoxide threats and stop them from harming people with routine gas safety assessments. Your gas appliances may need to be tested to ensure proper and effective operation as part of a gas safety inspection.

Reduce Repair Costs

Furthermore, gas safety inspections can help you find any possible problems with your gas appliances before they require expensive repairs. Your gas appliances' lifespan can be increased and problems can be avoided with routine maintenance. If a problem is found during a gas safety inspection, it can be fixed right away before it worsens. By preventing pricey maintenance or even the need to replace a gas appliance, this can save you money over time.

Improve Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of your gas appliances can also be increased with regular gas safety checks. Inefficient gas appliance operation might result in lost energy and higher gas bills. A gas engineer in Edinburgh can ensure that your gas appliances are running as efficiently as possible, which can result in reduced energy costs and long-term savings.

Peace of Mind

Your family's health and safety are of highest significance. You may feel secure knowing that your gas appliances are safe to use and that your family is safe from any gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning with regular gas safety checks. You can be confident that you are taking every precaution to keep your home and family safe by getting your gas appliances tested and serviced on a regular basis.

What are the Risks of Ignoring Gas Safety?

flame in kitchen stove

Neglecting gas safety can have serious consequences such as:

Fires and explosions

Gas leaks can result in fires or explosions that cause damage to property, cause injuries to people, or even result in fatalities.

Poisoning from carbon monoxide

When gas is burned, a poisonous gas called carbon monoxide is created. Carbon monoxide can build up in the home and result in serious sickness or death if gas appliances are not properly maintained or vented.

Legal concerns

It is the responsibility of property owners to guarantee the safety of gas equipment. Infractions of gas safety standards can lead to legal action, penalties, and possibly jail time.

How Can Owen Gibb & Sons Help?

We at Owen Gibb & Sons provide a wide variety of gas safety services, such as:

Gas safety checks

To make sure that all of the gas appliances in your home are safe to use, our gas engineers in Edinburgh can perform gas safety checks on each one.

Gas appliance installation

We can install new gas appliances and ensure they are properly and safely installed.

Gas appliance maintenance

To make sure your gas appliances are operating effectively and securely, have them serviced by one of our gas professionals.

Carbon monoxide detectors

To detect any accumulation of this hazardous gas in your house, we can install carbon monoxide detectors.

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